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Letter: ‘Super Bowl Saturday’ should catch on with fans

In a time when just about everything is designed to make my life more convenient and enjoyable, the Super Bowl is played late on a Sunday night which is neither convenient nor as enjoyable as it could be since most people have work or school Monday morning. The fix for this problem is simple, move the game to Saturday night.

I understand that the NFL has long been known for being played on Sundays, so having the championship game on Sunday seems like the right thing to do. If the NFL can play on Monday and Thursday nights, Saturday nights (late in the season) and playoff games on Saturdays then having the Super Bowl on a Sunday night doesn’t make sense anymore.

Moving the Super Bowl to Saturday allows everyone to have more fun while watching the game, and not having to worry about how they might feel the following morning. Imagine having Sunday to recover? Super Bowl Saturday sounds pretty super to me.

Joe Cyran


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