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Letter: Speak loudly in declaring noncompliance with hatred

As Arthur Fleck in the trending movie “Joker” spirals ever downward, he draws thousands of disillusioned souls with him to their own destruction.

On Martin Luther King Day the 29th annual Vigil and Day of Advocacy was cancelled because a militia of heavily armed Americans, forced to leave their guns behind, including neo-Nazis, white supremacists and hate groups stormed the Virginia Capitol protesting recent gun control legislation.

What were they protesting? Recently passed Virginia Senate bills: a limit of one handgun purchase/month, universal background checks and a rule allowing localities to ban guns in some areas. Unreasonable?

The majority who elected the authors of this legislation didn’t think so. The angry militia waved banners quoting the Second Amendment, “We will not comply!” and “Come and take it!”

How has such hatred grown in America in recent years? Minutes after honoring King, another Joker (aka Donald Trump) tweeted the fear-filled lie “the Democrats” are taking your Second Amendment rights away.

The 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz was just commemorated in the once Nazi-controlled Germany. This horrific place remains intact “lest we forget.” To terrorists who quote the Second Amendment while declaring “We will not comply!” we answer … we will not comply with hatred, fear and prejudice.

We will not comply with ignorance, injustice and indifference. We will not comply with racism, terrorism and genocide.

And finally, with any leader who even tweets fear and lies igniting this hatred … we will not comply!

Tom Ivancic


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