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Letter: Reverse plastic bag ban for the public’s health

I have deep concerns about the wisdom of bringing reusable bags into grocery stores. These bags are handled multiple times, placed on floors and possibly taken into places where sick people reside, these bags will become contaminated with viruses and bacteria. Many people won’t clean them unless they look dirty but as you know, viruses and bacteria cannot be seen.

We are forcing the cashiers to handle these bags and then handle our food and personal care items. It concerns me anytime, but especially now because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Recently, I saw a man take a folded-up cloth bag out of his coat pocket and hand it to the cashier to bag his purchase. This made me wonder what else has he carried in his coat pocket. I have put used tissues in my coat pockets when there is no garbage can nearby.

I believe the plastic bag ban should be reversed or at least, grocery stores should be exempt. If people are already using reusable bags and will clean them, then let them continue, but it shouldn’t be forced on people who will not clean their bags.

I have already written to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer and Assemblywoman Karen McMahon. I am writing to you, too because I believe the matter is urgent and needs news reporters to give the issue attention.

Karen Hornung


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