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Letter: Ignatius’ Middle East recap reaches the wrong conclusion

I was struck by David Ignatius’ assertion that the Middle East Peace Plan just announced by President Trump somehow affronts Palestinian Arab dignity.

If one actually reads the plan, one is hard pressed to see it as anything but a major positive opportunity for them.

It provides a realistic pathway to a state of their own, on double the land they currently control. It grants a Palestinian Arab capital city on the outskirts of Jerusalem. It provides 50 billion dollars in economic aid, and its requirements of the Palestinians are entirely consistent with their dignity.

After all, demilitarization and non-contiguity with Jordan are necessary after a century of Arab state and Arab Palestinian warfare and terrorism against their Jewish neighbors.

And there are other states like Lesotho and The Vatican which are completely surrounded by another country and do just fine.

In the end, what is more dignified? A newborn Palestinian state willing to live in peace with Israel, or ongoing interminable dead-end Palestinian violence, terrorism and futility? The answer seems simple to me, and hopefully one day to them as well.

Daniel H. Trigoboff, Ph.D.


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