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Letters: Trump’s EPA endangering water supply in Great Lakes

While I’m not too surprised by anything the Trump administration does, this time it hits home. Cutting costs by switching to a tainted water supply in Flint, Mich., at the order of its Republican governor should have spoken volumes to the rest of the country about what not to do in order to maintain your precious, clean and safe supply of fresh water.

Now the Evironmental Protection Agency under the Trump administration wants to roll back regulations that protect the clean water supply in our Great Lakes. Seems like I also read where the EPA deregulated how much pollution can be released into the atmosphere, thereby poisoning our fresh air.

In some countries, fresh air and fresh water are hard to come by. The Trump administration is not going to rest on deregulations until it becomes so critical that even they won’t be able to deny their mistakes.

Maybe the EPA should be made to drink and bathe in the water from Flint to jar them back into reality. I hope and pray the state governments sue the EPA so as to preserve our clean water and clean air.

De Wayne Smith


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