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Letter: Trump’s impeachment trial reveals harsh political realities

If the House of Representative Ukraine impeachment was a hoax as Donald Trump asserts, then the Senate trial was a total sham.

Unlike “real” trials where the jury gets to see evidence and to hear witnesses, this trial was a two weeks long slog where each side took turns professing Trump’s guilt or innocence depending on which side of the aisle you reside.

Republican Senators, fearful of the wrath of Trump and his base, have abdicated all sense of due diligence and duty by disallowing evidence and witnesses thus denying the American people the chance to decide in their own minds the guilt or innocence of the president. In the end, Trump was acquitted, but he will never be able to say he was exonerated.

This is one of the saddest days in the history of the United States.

Richard A. Piechowicz


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