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Letter: Trump supporters baffle this reader, on many levels

Having recently read a group of letters from President Trump supporters in this paper, I again feel a need to respond, respectfully.

According to the Trump support, he just has made the world peaceful, fruitful and perfect. How they justify their view is beyond me.

First, world peace? Trump just killed a general of another country that he has been poking at repeatedly for years.

Trump supporters say Trump made our economy. I take that as a joke. Just what policy has he done? Raising the debt to $1 trillion just this year, people have jobs at minimum wage, and farmers have lost their customers and are living on welfare to survive.

Prices have gone up and where is it justified that huge companies pay no tax and mine went up $5,400 in federal tax last year because we are middle class? Not my idea of a great economy. As for growth of 3.5%,it’s about 2. One quarter last year got close to 3.5. Since then, no.

Trump supporters are afraid of immigrants.

Here is a big secret. What country is the richest and brings about the innovations that we enjoy? Us. Why? This country is the only country that welcomes everyone and does not believe in relying on old white men that inherited their money.

What I really cannot understand is that Trump supporters admit he is a liar. So Trump supporter here is the truth.

Drug addiction, homelessness, denying our troops decent housing and being impeached, deciding that mercury in your water supply helps his rich friends and the complete degradation of the office with his obvious grifting.

Hatred of others will destroy this country.

My prayer is that you wake up before someone you love dies because of this insanity and that you realize we respect your right to say what you believe but will always reserve the right to speak the truth.

Teresa Lukasik


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