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Letter: Left-wing letter bashing kicks off political year

Looks like Jan. 13 was bash the leftists/radical leftists/socialists/globalists/progressives Democrats day for some Everbody’s Column contributors.

Two letters were full of stereotyping, dishonesty, maligning and ridiculous attempts at logic. It was self-satisfying, festive name-calling. But defamatory.

Regarding the assassination of Iranian General Quasem Soleimani, Democrats have near unanimously condemned him and welcomed his death but are concerned about the wisdom, ramifications and constitutional justification.

Furthermore, Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo can’t agree on how and why it happened thus making Trump look like a liar.

Nevertheless, one reader said Democrats “cannot and will not support any pro-American action…” and also added references to Benghazi and foreign policy debate. And the logic is what? Two Republican investigations and more than four others cleared Hillary Clinton of wrong doing so it is time to leave that topic alone.

The writer’s final conclusion was “the globalist/socialist Democratic Party allies itself with America’s foreign enemies.”

After appropriately mentioning Trump’s threats about killing Americans, and the assassination, the writer nevertheless concludes “Deranged so-called progressives and leftists seem to be taking the side of the terrorists.” And the evidence is what?

Trump must feel the same as he retweeted an image of Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi dressed in Muslim garb.

There is nothing honest about falsely disparaging congressional leaders and Democrats, portraying them as less than patriots.

Charles Friedmann


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