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Letter: Keep Queen City project from harming nature

Buffalo is a wonderful place to live, I would even say blessed. In spite of being one of the poorest cities in the country, it is blessed in so many ways by being on the shores of Lake Erie.

Cities are one of the most popular places to live today for many different reasons therefore putting a demand on those cities for green space and recreational places to walk, bike or just sit and enjoy.

We have that at the Outer Harbor with the beautiful lake to boot. Why would any mayor, city planner or council member consider converting that very same land into residential space? At public meetings of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation, citizens have made it known that they want green, public, natural space next to the water.

The Queen City Landing project, a 20-story tower or “lofts” is the latest attempt to thwart citizens’ wishes. It is also stupid for so many reasons such as five major seiches occurring this past year which will only become more common due to climate change.

I could go on all day with reasons not to build such a fiasco, such as, it is unfair to the future residents to be occasionally but consistently flooded.

What happens when some of their pipes burst and their sewage ends up in the lake? Isn’t it about time we started accepting that we have to live with nature’s rules or pay the price?

Let’s try being a smart city, one that respects nature, that honors what it’s citizens want and appreciates that we are a blessed city.

Judy Fitzgerald


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