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Letter: Those in power must stand against unworthy president

“To Kill A Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee is one of my favorite books. Atticus Finch is the central figure in two scenes: one, where as the best shot in Maycomb County he kills a rabid dog on the verge of running roughshod over the community and two, as a lawyer who his daughter imagines aims an imaginary rifle without bullets at the jury and the courtroom to save the community. The jury is prejudiced and represents a mindless threat to the community.

I could not figure why my mind was drawing me back to these recollections. It is clear to me now that it is because of the Trump impeachment trial with the prejudiced Republican senators who are mindless and a threat to the United States Constitution and system of justice.

Just as Mockingbird jurors’ minds are predetermined based upon mindless racial prejudice, the Republican senators’ minds are also closed because they are not considering the evidence nor hearing new evidence.

Foreign powers hijacking elections is the specific threat which the founding fathers envisioned when they created the impeachment safety valve to prevent this abuse of power by a tyrannical president.

The House managers deserve the thanks of us all from their example of standing up to President Trump, a bully and abuser of both power and the Constitution. It is clear that we are being overrun by a threat to our system of government. It is also clear that the Republican senators and the party of gun rights lacks the ability to see and aim straight against this president who is bullying us all.

There is one message for those in power – if you were afraid to stand up, aim straight and fire on behalf of the ones who cannot stand up for themselves, you should have never accepted the title of “senator” in the first place.

Bill Licata


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