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Letter: Impeachment trial raises concern over precedents

Now that the impeachment trial has ended, why is it that Donald Trump and his backers are gloating? The Republicans in the Senate established many precedents that do not bode well for our nation’s future.

First, they just established that witnesses and/or evidence are no longer needed in a trial in our justice system. This is unheard of and has never happened in any impeachment trial in the past, be they presidents, judges, or congressmen, let alone any other trial in our nation’s history.

Second, they just gave this president, and future presidents, the ability to do whatever they want in trying to rig or at least tip the scales in their favor in future elections. Many Republican senators, including Sens. Lamar Alexander, Marco Rubio, Ben Sasse and Rob Portman admitted what Trump did was “inappropriate,” trying to solicit Ukraine’s help to investigate his political opponent, but said it was not an impeachable offense. If the case is then argued that inappropriate actions don’t get you removed from office, could Democrats now invite help from European countries, or even Iran, to help “dig up dirt” on Trump? Imagine the Pandora’s box they just opened. Our enemies will take great glee in getting involved in dishing the dirt, be it true or made up.

Third, Trump and his legal team argued that the president can “do whatever he wants” because of Article II in the Constitution. Although nowhere in Article II does it say the president has absolute and total power (and yes, I have read it), Trump now will feel unleashed to do just that. If this argument is true, as many Trumpists believe, did they ever contemplate that if the president has unlimited power, and Trump doesn’t win in 2020, and the Democratic candidate who wins may be that self-proclaimed socialist, what door they may have just opened?

Once again political short-sightedness and the desire to stay in power no matter what it takes, will only bring grief to our future as a nation where I fear we all will pay a heavy price.

Christopher Luksch


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