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Letter: Scare tactics on socialism aren’t anchored in reality

I have to laugh when I read about how we should all fear socialists. Our taxes go into a large pool for the benefit of all. Some examples are public education, roads, schools, police, military, Social Security, Medicare, etc.

Lately, the wealthy and large corporations do not contribute much if at all to that pool; it falls on the middle class. Democratic socialism would allow the people to determine where and how that money is spent.

Would you rather have your tax dollars go to fund college for our children or spent building bombs to blow up other nations? Would you rather have a society where we have health care and the ability to obtain it without going bankrupt or die? Or would you rather see huge tax breaks to millionaires or spend trillions on a useless wall or Space Force, which is socialism for the wealthy.

How are Republicans “conservative?” They just blew up the deficit again, gave huge tax breaks to millionaires, and lowered the corporate tax rate so we all pay more, and they cost American families over $800 each for tariffs. It is time to wake up and recognize that the wealthy are picking our pockets by changing laws, placing judges to benefit themselves.

In the 27th District, there will be a special election for Congress. Are you really going to put another Republican again in that seat? You were lied to and deceived, twice. The Republicans have shown they put their party above the people with their unfailing loyalty to a corrupted president and a former congressman in the 27th District, but hey, you should all fear the Democratic socialist.

Diane Butsch

West Falls

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