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Letter: Democrats can’t derail Trump’s accomplishments

When Rep. Adam Schiff and company had their turn, they had the opportunity to call as many witnesses they felt were necessary in the House’s impeachment proceedings. They held the rules, and gave the Republicans no quarter. They called 17 witnesses to the GOP’s 0.

Then the process is moved to the other branch. Now the managers want to call witnesses, as they want their cake and eat it, too. That’s not how it works. It’s not your room. They are not going to do the work you should have done when you had your turn.

Besides, Schiff and company are getting their head handed to them by the president’s team and by of all people, Alan Dershowitz, who knows the Constitution inside out and is a Democrat. Even Ukraine chimed in that there was no there there, but it doesn’t matter to the managers, as they think hearsay, feelings and thoughts outweigh the facts.

They know they can’t win this year’s election. How do you defeat a president that has built the strongest economy on the planet? That has made the USA the strongest military force on the planet? That has seated well over 100 Conservative federal judges? Who rips up trade agreements and replaces them to favor the USA? Who brings back the bodies of Korean war vets? Who moved the embassy in Israel? Who restored funding for black colleges? Who works for $1 and donates his salary?

Show me another president that has accomplished all this (and more) in three years and change.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda

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