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Letter: Do not halt Queen City on the vast Outer Harbor

It just boils me to read the Queen City Landing article and see how narrow-minded, blind and “my way or no way” fanatics can hold up progress not only on the waterfront but anywhere investors want to improve the area. These so-called experts are nothing but a pack of hypocrites. Their excuses are many and wrong. A danger to migratory birds and (this one is especially puzzling) fish.

It is supposed to be built in a small corner of the waterfront, yet they whine that it takes up too much room of miles and miles of the waterfront. If they’re so worried about birds, then let’s tear down those monstrous rat-infested crumbling silos. I’m sure the birds are flying into those. Oh no, you can’t do that. Those are part of history.

The Outer Harbor is nothing but a vast wasteland just sitting there because of these so-called experts. I’m all for bike paths and parkland, but a mix of things is better than too much of the same thing. There is enough room down there to make everybody happy.

So please, City of Buffalo and Common Council open up your eyes and tell these so-called experts to go home and get a life.

Dan Chudy


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