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Letter: Wegmans deserves praise for early plastic bag ban

I laud Wegmans for being in the forefront of ecologically sound business practices, which shows that business can operate with a profit while maintaining respectful and good environmental policies.

Complainers who want to continue the use of plastic bags were either not around when paper or mesh bags were the only means of getting groceries home, supporting the bags from the bottom, or haven’t been around long enough to remember those days. People have had dogs and cats for years, and didn’t have plastic grocery bags to help them with the cleanup that comes with the pets

Change is hard for everyone. When Wegmans stopped selling cigarettes, smokers were angry. Now they had to visit two places to get their food and their cigarettes. When smoking was banned in public places, hundreds of people declared that they would never set foot in a bar again and would instead stay home and drink in the basements. That didn’t happen.

Now you see them standing outside in freezing weather, smoking and stamping their feet, which, by the way, would be warmer if they weren’t attached to a smoker.

We have adjusted. We’ll get used to this new law and start bringing our reusable bags to shop, And if Wegmans wants to charge 5 cents for a paper bag, it’s a small price to pay to jog your memory and cause you to put your reusable bags in the trunk of your car.

We’ll figure it out. The question about the germs in the reusable bags? Hot soapy water in all the corners and up the sides. It’s not rocket science. When you back up and view the big picture, you see that we have to make sacrifices all through our lives.

We give up much to raise a family, obey laws, pay taxes, all for the better good. This is a small sacrifice, and one that I cheerfully make to try to leave this place less covered in chemical constructions that will never disintegrate.

We are becoming a society that worships convenience over responsibility, ease over mindful.

Next, I hope, are Styrofoam takeout containers. Start bringing your own – Rubbermaid, Glad, Tupperware, Hefty, whatever – containers now, so you’re not overcome when that happens.

Becky Arcese


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