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Letter: State’s short memory means repeating mistakes

Why can’t people of this area and state remember what happened in the past? Years ago, Mario Cuomo was asked about gambling in New York State. His answer was no.

A year after that Canada stated that their country had made a million dollars. Suddenly Mario Cuomo changed his point of view and Native Americans were granted permission and the rest is history.

Obviously Native Americans are making money because Niagara Falls (through the state) is demanding the money they feel entitled to.

Now Andrew Cuomo is exploring the idea to legalize marijuana, but he says we must ask neighboring states how they feel. Poppycock! New York can’t figure out this by themselves – how to make money, something that state, with a $6 billion deficit, is in dire need of?

Spending money in this state, by this state is extremely easy.

Alan Grobe


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