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Letter: Democrats will regret condemning the president

It was heartfelt and refreshing to finally read a letter here that spells out the insanity of those trying to nullify the election of 2016 and finally to do so through impeachment.

What an abuse of the Constitution.

I agree that the Democrats will rue the day they began this shameful charade (provided that they have a conscience.)

Reading this column of letters every day, I see there are countless people who will also rue the day they wrote in, damning their president because they don’t accept his policies or character.

He was elected to drain the swamp, and all these people probably don’t care what the swamp does.

Thank God someone is elected who is chipping away at that formidable barrier that holds the swamp in place.

Imagine all those priorities that Democrats and Republicans were elected to work on together. Instead we have this nonsense going on in Washington, D.C.

Furthermore, who would ever believe that any foreign power could interfere and affect the outcome of an election that is steadfastly protected by dedicated people from both parties on the local level throughout this country.

Knowing this, what a joke this sham has been.

Decent people elected Donald Trump and they will be proud to do it again.

History will show that Nancy Pelosi and her cabal have sullied the people’s house.

David Griffin


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