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Letter: An alternative viewpoint to Thiessen’s shallow list

Conservative pundit Marc Thiessen made a superficial attempt to identify “… The 10 Worst Things Trump Did in 2019,” the sequel to his earlier “Best Things” article. I offer my version of Donald Trump’s five worst things of 2019. In reverse order:

5. Continuing to disgrace the office of the presidency by exhibiting such crude, vile, and possibly illegal (think slander) behaviors as: accelerating the pace of lying; incessantly denigrating the press, the “whistle blower,” congressional witnesses, members of Congress, political rivals and anybody else daring to criticize him or his policies and monetizing the presidency, such as shamelessly suggesting his Doral resort as the site of the 2020 G7 Summit.

4. Continuing to pander to Russian orthodoxy by ceding Syria to the Russians, advocating debunked theories exonerating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and undermining Ukraine in their fight with Russian-backed separatists.

3. Instigating a plan to cheat in the 2020 presidential election by a phony disinformation campaign against his main political rival and withholding badly needed and congressionally-approved foreign aid to force an ally to support this nefarious affair. (Yes, impeachable behavior).

2. Dangerously undermining the Constitution’s separation of powers’ principals in the bullying takeover of the Republican Congress.

1. Dangerously abusing presidential authority by: (including much of the above) declaring a faux emergency to fund his “wall,” continuing to declare/offer immoral and possibly illegal presidential pardons, accelerating the use of “acting” senior administrators (undermining congressional oversight), sending his personal lawyer abroad (without congressional approval and security clearance),controlling the Justice Department by appointing a “fixer” Attorney General and totally disregarding congressional subpoenas for witnesses and documents in the Ukraine affair. (Yes, another impeachable offense).

No, Mr. Thiessen, the good does not outweigh the bad in the Trump presidency. But Thiessen and I agree on one thing, “the bad is getting worse.”

Thomas Golaszewski, Ed.D.

East Amherst

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