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Letter: Reader is still waiting for a pro-life president

Pro-life is having respect for life from conception to natural death. In the last few years, Donald Trump has made a mockery of this belief.

A pro-life president doesn’t just defend the unborn but should respect all lives. Recently, Trump has given his stamp of approval for a Navy SEAL who posed with a dead prisoner. As a United States military veteran, we don’t do that. As ugly as combat situations get, there are proper and honorable ways of handling them.

Every action has a ripple effect. As candidate and president, Trump has disrespected people on so many levels. For all who have been harassed in any fashion, he is adding to their pain.

Trump decides that instead of finding a peaceful avenue of bringing deserving people into this country, he would blanket all, causing family turmoil and building a wall.

God demands that we love one another. It’s hard at times but we must. It’s not just a strong economy we need but we need to be a healthy society as well. We are on this earth to make this world better as a whole.

I am pro-life and I’m still waiting for a true pro-life president to step forward. Until then, he is all we have.

Christina A. Scalise


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