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Letter: Americans must take a stand and get rid of this president

Before the next election, I would hope the Congress and Senate would enact as many laws as possible to limit the powers of the president. This one has the idea that it’s his and he can run it as he wants.

He has divided the country to the point that it may never heal. I won’t be surprised if we find out he’s designed a flag for his base to wave at all his rallies. Never has a person been so full of himself and not have anything to offer.

It’s time for him to be put in his place. I would love to see the reporters pressure him to the breaking point when they ask questions with a need to know answer. Likewise, the Democrats should start today and highlight all the programs that were enacted for the benefit of mankind and the world that he has ended.

Also start recounting all of his lies and untruths that he’s spread since his time in office. Don’t go back any further as there are numerous to mention. It’s still hard for me to believe so many people, including the ones in office, that bought into his dog and pony show.

Our country has been embarrassed long enough and it is time for at least Congress to reclaim where we are headed. I would ask that those of you who are also concerned to act now and stand up and be heard.

This is a phase, no matter how bad we will get through and come out much smarter from it. I’m fed up with him standing in front of a mob at a rally and totally insulting the people in the country trying to clean up his messes.

The man is mentally unfit to be on his own let alone run a country like the United States once was.

Please make your voice heard.

Frank Maddock


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