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Letter: Why should Buffalo approve Queen City Landing project?

Five years ago, the public spoke with near unanimity saying they wanted no housing on the Outer Harbor, for sure they wanted no high-rise buildings.

The Green Code says no buildings over six stories, why is Queen City Landing proposing a 20-story building? The Buffalo waterfront is clearly not a suitable area for home construction of any type, particularly in a time of climate change, when no one can say with certainty what tomorrow will bring.

The reckoning will come, both in terms of lives and dollars and government will be asked to pick up the costs. Not the developers, who will be in some more hospitable climate, relaxing in the sun. If you ask a typical Western New Yorker, they will tell you they believe the Outer Harbor has been set aside for parkland. Not so.

Government and private developers are standing at the sidelines with plans for still more buildings, mostly on publicly owned land. The future of the City of Buffalo is not defined by the number of high rises which litter the landscape. It is determined by the quality of life which the city offers its new and existing residents.

People have choices and they can and will move. To reverse the city’s decline, we need to provide the quality of life people want, not the profits which a few already wealthy developers want.

This tower will be a stick in the eye for the area’s residents, the first of many which will cut them off from the water’s edge. It does not have to be.

Our elected city leadership can reject this project. We elected them to make wise choices.

We should insist they do so now.

James E. Carr


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