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Letter: Trump profanity is rife throughout spirited rallies

I almost spit out my morning coffee when reading the opinion about how terrible it is to use profanity when talking about Donald Trump.

Trump consistently uses profanity himself, milder words on TV (damn, hell, SOB, etc.) and more descriptive ones at his rallys.

Certain offensive ones are bleeped or edited out of TV broadcasts.

If you Google “Trump and profanity,” an extensive archive of Trump’s public swearing can be found.

Combining Trump’s profanity with his daily use of insults and derogatory comments about almost everyone paints a picture of a crude, ugly, mean spirited, angry and hateful man.

In March 2016 John Oliver, on his HBO series “Last Week Tonight,” broadcast a lengthy segment on Trump’s use of profanity at his rallies. Being on HBO, Trump’s speech was unedited. I continue to be impressed by the cognitive dissonance of Trump supporters.

Deborah Anderson


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