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Letter: Public must send letters urging a longer sentence

I was distressed but not surprised to see the proposed sentence (a year and a day in prison) for our felonious congressman Chris Collins. It is outrageous that he would get so much less jail time than was stipulated in his plea bargain. If his well-paid attorneys were able to gather 100 letters in his support, how many of his constituents wrote urging the maximum sentence?

Besides defrauding the investors who were not privileged to hear the inside information Collins shared with his family and friends, he defrauded the citizens of NY-27 as well. Collins went into the 2018 election when he had already been indicted and knew he was guilty.

His constituents have had no representation in Congress during a very critical period. Even before Collins resigned in the midst of his term, he had been stripped by his own Republican Party of any committee role, because he had committed previous ethical lapses in using his position to advance before governmental bodies the interest of the Australian company on whose board he sat. A Boy Scout? I think not.

To allow this sentence is to blatantly illustrate that we have one justice system for the rich and another one for the poor. (Anybody else hearing complaints that New York State is reforming its bail system to eliminate cash bail for unconvicted individuals prior to having their case heard in court?)

Collins was willing to accept a longer sentence in return for the plea bargain he got. It was still less than the 10 years on two counts he could have received. It’s not too late to see he gets more than a year and a day. The letters from influential friends shouldn’t be the only ones the judge sees. We can send our own letters to him: Hon. Vernon S. Broderick, Federal District Court, 40 Foley Square, New York, NY. But we must do it right away. Sentencing is set for Friday.

Nancy Selllar

Silver Creek

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