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Letter: President’s war provocations promote fear and hatred

As members of a Christian congregation from Riverside Salem United Church of Christ, Grand Island, we cannot be silent while other faith leaders of our nation, such as Rev. Franklin Graham, distort the Gospel promoting hatred and revenge toward our enemies.

The day after President Trump’s drone attacks in Iraq, many from our congregation wept with grief, while Trump and his “evangelicals” celebrated and mocked the very essence of our Christian faith by laying hands on the president, condoning and praising his vicious decision to kill.

We stand with other faith leaders across our country and the world – such as William Barber and Jim Wallis and denominations and organizations such as The Presbyterian Church (USA), Mennonite Central Committee, United Church of Christ, Sojourners, American Friends Service Committee, United Methodist Church and others – who spoke out condemning these actions but also against any further escalation of war.

Too many people have given their lives and innocents have perished. These decisions from the White House promote more fear and hatred rather than peace and hope, which we believe is the basic teachings of the Gospel of Christ.

Violence promotes violence and innocents die as they did in Flight 752 Tehran flight to Kiev. Our President must know the consequences of the decisions he makes and not provoke and antagonize other leaders in our world.

Our president, in his recent speech, bragged about his increase in our military budget creating the strongest military ever at what we believe is a cost to many of our domestic programs, and then blaming Social Security and Medicare for causing a financial deficit. We believe this is immoral. Where is the budget for peace and conflict resolution? We cannot be a nation where we only solve problems with an eye for an eye

Wayne and Peg Alt


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