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Letter: McConnell must be serious when it comes to Senate trial

By now, anyone concerned about how justice is supposed to function in America has heard about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as prospective jury member colluding with the defense, aka, White House lawyers and the president.

Apparently, Trump could actually shoot and kill someone, as he himself has stated, and walk away scot-free. McConnell has said there is no need for witness testimony for or against this president who, for over three years, has regularly created chaos and corrupted his office.

This is the same McConnell who, for the last 11 months of Barack Obama’s presidency, would not allow even a hearing for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee then rubberstamped two obfuscating Federalist Society selections, one of whom demonstrated behavior unbecoming a middle-schooler. Not to mention approval of close to 200 Conservative lower and circuit court judges in seats across the country.

McConnell always comes up with half-baked reasoning for his actions, basically saying, “we’re following Democratic precedents.” There is a huge difference in impeachment of a president lying about a sexual dalliance, as former President Bill Clinton did, and Trump’s actions which are quite possibly treasonous.

Trump has openly and shamelessly disregarded laws, regulations and precedents, mocking and weakening what were co-equal branches of government. It is said that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Look it up. Does it sound like anyone we know?

The only hope now is that more damaging facts come to light about this presidential pariah and that he emerges so tarnished by his authoritarian, kleptocratic tendencies as to render as nil his chances of reelection. Trump’s first term has proven to be corrosive. A second would be catastrophic.

McConnell should treat this situation with the seriousness and urgency it deserves unless he’s willing to sacrifice our democracy for an imperial presidency.

Mark Hardy


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