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Letter: Cuomo’s doublespeak on marijuana falls flat

Another hypocrisy from the grand hypocrite, our illustrious Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Referring to his vision for New York State in 2020, he is embracing another attempt to legalize marijuana. I often wonder when being bombarded by those tear-jerk commercials from the New York State Health Department decrying the health risks with smoking tobacco isn’t there some parallelism?

I suppose Cuomo doesn’t equate smoking marijuana as a recreational pleasure to being in the same context. So, as the Health Department spends millions of dollars to discourage smoking, Cuomo promotes another version.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated 1 in 10 marijuana users and 1 out of 6 users before the age of 16 will become addicted. Does the progressivism of our narcissistic governor justify the legalization of another potentially addictive agent in our society?

The Roman emperors fed the masses bread. Cuomo will rely on grass.

Peter V. Tonsoline


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