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Letter: Voters must re-elect Trump so he can continue delivering

As President Trump’s first turn is about to wrap up, we should be sufficiently tuned to judge whether he deserves another four years. As Washington Post’s Marc Thiessen pointed out in one of his 2018 columns, even though Trump lies a lot, he is still the best in keeping his campaign promises. The highlights of the Trump presidency, on a national level is a 3.5% gross domestic product, with 7.2 million new jobs, trouncing unemployment to 3.5%, a 50-year low, resulting in 3.1% wage growth.

Trump’s across-the-globe achievements strike even sharper. A war-free world is the masterpiece of the Trump presidency. The president declaring, “Great nations do not fight endless wars,” (2019 State of the Union), is likely to be a Trump legend.

Under Trump’s watch, no Russia annexed another Ukraine’s Crimea. No China-dominated world economy. No Iran getting 400 or so millions flown secretly, in the dead of night, as a bribe to sign a U.S. Iran nuclear deal. No rich NATO countries refused to pay their fair share to NATO military. It is during Trump’s time, the Americans, perished in Korean war finally returned home.

Trump’s scores of achievements of 24 months in office far surpass a minuscule House achievement, an insignificant two Articles of Impeachment, trying to oust Trump who deserves a second term, on his own merit.

Henry Crasta


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