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Letter: IJC’s so-called plan is causing problems

The Jan. 6 News editorial, “The IJC responds” regarding the flooding of the Lake Ontario shoreline states that anyone who criticizes/blames the International Joint Commission for the flooding would do well to focus more on the “immutable facts” of climate change and how best to respond to forces that are beyond our immediate control.

But I have owned my lakefront property since 1953 and had boulders installed in 1972 to shore up the land. Those boulders stabilized the property and most of them stayed in place until the IJC implemented its plan. That year, I lost all my boulders, many full-grown willow trees and at least 30 feet in depth of land.

The lake level was over a foot too high before there was the spring rains and snow melts. That was the result of the IJC’s ill-conceived plan. And that is an “immutable fact” not just a condescending opinion, and is based on real experience, not reading science papers.

Elizabeth Reece


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