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Letter: Disband United Nations since it is of no real use

The United Nations has existed since 1945. However, for its 75 years, it has been a mostly useless, ineffective, powerless organization despite its main purpose to help settle disputes among nations and promote peace in the world.

In wake of probable war in the Middle East between the United States and Iran, the United Nations has been so quiet letting the present situation get more dangerous every moment and doing nothing to prevent disaster.

When was the last time the United Nations actually prevented a war? It certainly never stopped the United States from waging costly wars of choice.

Yes, Iran’s regime is oppressively terrible, but President Trump helped increase the temperature in the world’s most volatile region by walking away from the 2015 nuclear deal. At the time, the pact was signed off by our estranged allies as well as Russia and China. There were limits put on Iran’s nuclear plans.

The world really needs a United Nations with much more power to stop bad behavior among nations to prevent a major conflict while still respecting every nation’s sovereignty. Perhaps the U.N. needs a huge peacekeeping force (from all members), power to inflict economic damage (even to major powers like the United States, Russia and China) to pressure nations in a dispute into negotiations.

Since this is not how the United Nations presently works, perhaps it’s time to disband this ineffective international body.

Marcus Costello


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