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My View: Bucket list journeys mean seizing the day

By Judith Whitehead

I think we all grow into our “bucket list,” whether we call it our wish list, or what we would like to accomplish during our lifetime.

When we are young adults, we may have hopes and aspirations of getting an education, finding someone to spend our lives with, maybe having children, spending time with family and friends, etc., but it isn’t until we reach our senior years that we start to look back on those accomplishments and wonder where all those years flew by.

We seem to spend many years trying to save money, raising a family, looking out for others and before you know it, we have some health issues, some aches and pains and finally have the extra time to do again what we want, whether it be travel or just relaxing with a good book.

At this point in our lives our parents that we were looking after in their older age have passed on, our children are out of the house and it’s time to dream again of what will make us happy.

Many years ago we took a trip to the Corning Museum of Glass with our boys and had a great time. Since the area has grown in attractions, hotels and restaurants since then, we decided to spend our 45th wedding anniversary there this year.

I had been watching the advertisement on making your own glass creation and decided I wanted to also have some fun there. It’s a short drive for an adventure and we had great fun making or own glass flower creations and just getting away for the weekend.

When you reach your senior years and have the time and good health to dream again, we must do the things that make us smile every day if possible.

Many of our friends have put off fulfilling their bucket lists for a better time and unfortunately it was too late for many. That’s the other thing that increases with age, the passing of our friends and family. The saying “life is short and time is fleeting” is so true and there is no time like now to partake in new adventures to make us happy.

Judith Whitehead

I think our next adventure will be a drive to Waco, Texas, to visit the Magnolia empire of Chip and Johanna Gaines from HGTV. I have watched so many of their episodes that I am curious to visit the restaurant, bakery, silos, etc., that they have amassed. It’s a drive that takes a few days and the country is beautiful to see along the way; we’ve done that drive and many more over the years and I think it’s time to hit the open road again, no children in tow.

It’s time to be a little selfish and do what we want. I think we will still fly out west a few times a year to the California coast, as long as our son lives there, although flying the airlines is not always the pleasant experience it used to be. With security regulations, downsized seats and crowds, it becomes a real chore to fly these days. Someday when our work schedules allow, we will return to the road when we can take our time to travel across the country.

As we have seen as we enter our second half of our lives, if at all possible try and make your dreams become a reality. Don’t put off until tomorrow because as the saying is so true, tomorrow doesn’t always come. Check off the items on your bucket list with enthusiasm.

Judith Whitehead, of East Amherst, feels liberated by having time to travel.

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