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Letter: Trump should be praised for eliminating evil general

Today’s Democratic Party cannot and will not support any pro-American action taken to protect our national security interests either at home or abroad.

President Trump unlike Obama/Biden/Clinton will not allow another Benghazi on his watch, rather than sit by and watch the American embassy in Libya fall to Islamic extremists as Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and crew allowed.

Fast forward to last week at the Baghdad airport in Iraq where Trump ordered a drone strike taking out Iran’s top military commander, who was directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American servicemen in Iraq and Syria.

Iranian general Qasem Soleimani was also responsible for many acts of Islamic terrorism.

Hooray! Soleimani is dead and his soul will spend the rest of eternity burning in hell.

Prior to his death, U.S. officials said Soleimani was plotting another round of attacks on Americans within the region.

At least during the Carter administration, Democrats allowed their debate over foreign policy to end at the nation’s shoreline. They would rally around the flag, support the troops etc.

Today, the globalist/socialist Democratic Party allies itself with America’s foreign enemies.

Harold Hopkins


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