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Letter: Preventing shootings should be top priority

I knew immediately that the National Rifle Association would latch onto the recent Texas church shooting. If you’ve read years of the Armed Citizen portion of the American Rifleman monthly magazine, this was pure gold to them.

What isn’t talked about, obviously, is a culture where there are so many guns floating around that a guy like the shooter wouldn’t have to break a sweat to get one. Easy access to guns by those who shouldn’t have them is the greatest risk posed to Americans. This shooter, with a lengthy criminal record, certainly should not have had access to a gun.

The idea that churches, schools, PTA groups, etc., have dedicated armed attendees is a surrender to a society gone mad. As a former NRA Life member, this abhors me.

The other side of this incident is that two congregants died before the gunman could be stopped. There were enough alarms set off by the shooter’s presence that he should have been confronted before he was able to shoot congregants.

The fact that he showed up in a trench coat, with an obviously fake beard meant that they were more reliant on armed guards in the congregation than just checking the guy out ahead of time. In our country, every man is a potential hero, but needn’t be!

Rick Fuller

West Seneca

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