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Letter: Iranian commander’s death perpetuates Mideast crisis

Well Donald Trump brings the New Year in with a bang. I’m sure Israel and Saudi Arabia are happy with the assassination of the Iranian commander. Trump accused Barack Obama of possibly starting a war with Iran to help his re-election, true to form did Trump actually do it?

The Iraqis don’t even want us there anymore, they’d kick us out if we didn’t keep giving them billions of dollars every year. Iran fought ISIS. Who would you rather see exerting influence in the area? ISIS or Iran? Trump said the Iranian had American blood on his hands. Our “blood” was exposed over there since George W. Bush started the Iraq War.

We have the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Afghans and others on our hands. Maybe if we got outta there like Trump said he would, we could at least stop exposing our “blood” and wash our hands and go home.

Andrew Halsey


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