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Letter: Here’s to getting back to (un)serious business

Well, finally we may be able to get this country back on track. We can now proceed to open our borders to make this a sanctuary country.

Perhaps the money allocated for the border wall can now be used for a rapid transit system from South America to speed up the process.

We can now get our unemployment numbers back up where they belong also. We can now offer completely “free” health care for all. Also, we can save our polar ice caps by ridding our country of airplanes, cars, trains and cows.

We should also try to reverse the current trade agreements and send our manufacturing overseas so we can once again be on the short end of the stick.

Oh, one more thing, we must provide all of our undocumented immigrants with driver’s licenses so that they are able to legally operate motor vehicles or something?

The list goes on and on and we should all be looking forward to being a third world country in the future. It will be great!

Rick Beaver


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