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Letter: Be glad U.S. relies less on Middle East oil fields

Over the last several decades, leftists have cried about “no war for oil.”

Because of hydraulic fracturing and easing of onerous regulations, the United States is not dependent upon the geopolitical atmosphere in the Middle East for oil.

Clear-thinking Americans know that this is a good thing.

One would think that Democrats and their radical left would be happy because the United States is no longer a stakeholder for Middle East oil.

Energy independence makes clear the U.S. position and recent action in Iraq where President Trump has reaffirmed that terrorist organizations and nations cannot; kill Americans, or our allies, attack sovereign American territory or violate agreements with the United States without consequences.

Recent attacks have resulted in the killing of a vicious terrorist leader in the Iranian government on orders from our president.

Deranged so-called progressives and leftists seem to be taking the side of the terrorists. I guess Trump derangement syndromes “trumps” being an American.

Ronald Pokorski


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