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Letter: Americans must be careful not to let liberties slip away

You may think he is the best thing since sliced bread, while I definitely think he is something that requires scraping off the bottom of our shoes.

We could argue about this until the cows come home. Let us not. Instead, let us engage our brains, and open our eyes, to the real issue.

I believe President Trump has actually done our country a service. By his bizarre and dictatorial actions over his term to date, he has proven, beyond a doubt, that our over 240 years of democracy is not a guarantee that our children, or their children, will enjoy the same.

Trump’s domination over what was once the Republican Party, his blatant disregard of our Constitution, and his callous circumvention of our rules of law should serve as a dramatic wake-up call. If we pay no attention, we will one day wind up with exactly what we deserve: a dictatorship. And if it’s not Trump who personally takes us to that end, then he will have set the stage for the next demagogue to do so.

A president who is allowed to use the Attorney General as his own personal lackey? A president who can declare war all by himself?

A president who knows so much more than the four National Security advisors, two Secretaries of State, two Defense Secretaries and an acting one … all disposed of or ignored over three short years?

For the future of my grandchildren, if not for your own, let’s stop bickering about who likes this guy and who does not. Let’s focus on the real issue of what is in the process happening to our country. Best if we not fiddle while America burns. Once our liberties are taken away, I don’t believe we can ever get them back.

Bill Meetze


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