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Letter: Trump’s careless behavior puts the United States at risk

The president’s derisive and caustic nature over the last three years has caused the American people, and the leaders of the free world much chagrin.

He has boldly built up rapport with communist countries to the detriment of our neighbors to our north and east. President Trump mistakenly believes that the authoritarian rulers of North Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and China are his friends, with Kim Jong Un as his pen pal and Putin his telephone secret caller.

His actual hatred of Barack Obama may get this country into a full-fledged war.

Iran has threatened to hit the White House and numerous sites with missiles, or other means while Trump initially countered with hitting 50-plus sites including cultural ones.

The agreement that Obama acheived through the excellent negotiations by then-Secretary of State John Kerry, dealing with Iran’s nuclear program, was revoked by Trump.

So now we face Iran’s plan to go full throttle on nuclear buildup. How far we and Iran go with our threats against each other can be catastrophic to both sides.

Somehow, there is this very unsettling feeling in me that Trump went against his military advisers to kill Iranian general Qasem Soleimani to get the American people to try to forget impeachment.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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