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Letter: Trump must be defeated and discharged from duty

Congratulations Donald J. Trump. You just started a completely unnecessary and unjustified war with Iran in order to deflect attention from your impeachment proceedings, and to garner public support as a wartime president.

Trump and this administration knew full well that assassinating the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani would result in a military response from Iran, and that’s exactly what Trump was hoping for. How many American lives will be lost so that this president can save his rear end?

Our military service members didn’t sign up so that their commander, whose daddy got for him five Vietnam War draft deferments, could save his skin. The blood of all the Americans killed in this war will be totally on Trump’s hands.

The general election cannot come soon enough.

This despicable human being must be defeated and thrown out of office.

Tom Duffy Jr.

Lake View

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