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Letter: Potential Iran conflict deflects from impeachment

It looks like President Donald Trump is about to start another war in the Middle East against Iran.

Trump’s latest jab toward Iran was nothing more than attempt to distract Americans from the impeachment proceedings. I expect that Trump will get a slap on the wrist and not be removed from office.

Unfortunately, I still expect U.S. voters to blow it again. Rewarding Trump with a second term (which Trump is expected to win frighteningly and laughably easily) especially if he draws America into another devastating Middle East war, would be absolutely reprehensible.

Respect and admiration for America continues to fade. When will America put money into infrastructure, fix our broken greedy health care system or any other internal issue that needs attention. But this nation always will find money for the next war. Why are Americans OK with this again and again?

I still respect the United States flag and national anthem when going to a sporting event etc. but with a different perspective – to pay my respects for the United States that used to try to make a positive difference. But that nation is dead and long gone.

Marcus Costello


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