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Letter: Elected officials must defuse potential danger

It would seem that this had been shaping up for quite some time. A breakdown in the nuclear treaty, oil tankers being detained by Iranian gunboats, and physical posturing by both sides in the Gulf are but a few reasons.

Add to the list the latest raid on the U.S. Embassy, and you have plenty of motive for us to go to war.

Why is this region so important? Oil is the answer. They have it, we all want it, and they know it.

Iran would not be so aggressive if they were not holding back an ace card somewhere.

The link to Russia and possibly North Korea could make them feel like they have all the cards and it would do us well not to ignore the possibility of a rapid escalation should an armed conflict erupt.

Another reason would be to take attention away from impeachment by uniting both parties against a common foe.

We do not need another war, folks – we need better diplomats.

Isn’t this what the United Nations was designed to do? I think that our elected officials need to go back to the drawing board before this escalates into something we all regret.

Charles Carter


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