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Letter: Unruly drivers forces school zone cameras

I am the last person on earth to promote the Big Brother–like implementation of school zone cameras to catch speeders, but sadly I believe their time has come. Obviously, they should not even be necessary but welcome to the gradual decline in our societal culture.

Anything goes, it seems, for some folks. Driving on our roads has become a profile in courage. We all see it. I’m genuinely surprised that there are not many more road rage incidents occurring. You would think that the one law that everyone would abide by would be the one that specifically protects the safety of our vulnerable kids getting on and off their school buses. But apparently not.

I wonder if some of these same folks are also against driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. Wouldn’t that be the height of hypocrisy? And, next up, red-light cameras courtesy of Big Brother. Sadly, it appears inevitable.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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