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Letter: Americans must return to offering mutual respect

In just a few months we, as a nation, are faced with perhaps the most crucial decision since the inception of our country. We are to decide what kind of country we want. Some may consider that an exaggeration but I am told that through a quirk in the electoral system, the person who holds the highest office in this land may regain that office. I shudder. I know what we are capable of. We are better than that. We have made a lot of mistakes, but our heart has always been in the right place.

I can remember a time when respect was a very important part of our lives. Little acts rippled through our daily lives reflecting a concern for the other guy. The by-word in business was the oft-repeated phrase, “a man’s word is his bond” and a handshake sufficed to close a deal.

I guess that makes me an old fogey. That’s so old-fashioned.

We don’t treat each other with as much respect as we once did. In the last three years the scales have really tipped. Has Mr. Trump made it acceptable to use vile and vitriolic language, denigrating anybody we disagree with? Is this the new model for our treatment of one another? Not for me! We are better than that.

I and millions of men and women going back to the Revolutionary War put our lives on the line to preserve a nation dedicated to dignity, equality, care for the downtrodden, and justice for all. We were heading in that direction, but our compass is askew. I know not where we are going but I pray, each day, that all will be well. We don’t have much time, brothers and sisters. Let us return intellect, humility, honesty, and integrity to the highest office in the land. Raise your voices. Above all, vote to bring back respect for each other and to our nation.

Joseph Spina


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