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Letter: Too many unknowns remain on single-payer discussion

Too many unknowns remain on single-payer discussion

I’m writing in response to an article on Dec. 1, “Economy’s good, so why is there a deficit in Albany?” New York state’s Medicaid isn’t sustainable and it has become a strain on the budget in Albany.

The fiscal watchdog group, Empire Center uncovered the problem last summer. My question is if single-payer health care isn’t affordable in New York State, what makes politicians think it can be on a federal level? There have been numerous stories recently of how drug prices and medical supplies have skyrocketed.

Shouldn’t the politicians be investigating why the manufacturers are making huge profits at the expense of the American people? The government can’t even control the fraud that is going on in Medicare and Medicaid now. What makes them think it will be better when everyone is on a single-payer health care plan for the entire population? There are too many questions and, so far, no answers to a lot of unknowns.

Amy Erickson


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