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Letter: The change I want in the world is not 18 Sacagawea coins

Six months ago I moved to Europe, and I was delighted to return home for the holidays with my family. We even got last-minute tickets to a Sabres game.

Everything was wonderful except for one reason, and it wasn’t the loss to the Bruins. It was those dreaded NFTA Metro ticket machines. As I’m writing this, I’m accompanied by a pile of exactly 18 $1 coins. I’m a large proponent of public transportation – particularly as it’s the primary means of transportation where I live – but those ticket machines are not doing anything to help ridership.

I first downloaded the mobile app, but my ticket couldn’t be validated. Then I went to pay with a debit card, but the machines don’t take cards. Defeated, I put in a $20 and heard the familiar “clink” as a pile of change was returned to me. Sigh.

“How many people will I annoy when I try to pay with 18 coins?” I thought to myself.

Maybe it’s a conspiracy between the U.S. Mint and NFTA to keep the Sacagawea coin in circulation. Regardless of who is on the coin, the point is that these machines are outdated, the coins are an annoyance, and I now have exactly 18 coins that I must bring on my return trip home. I’ll just need to plan nine more trips on the subway.

Danny Ziemann


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