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Letter: Poloncarz’s progressive agenda will cost taxpayers money

Poloncarz’s progressive agenda will cost taxpayers money

After reading the Jan. 1 front page article in The Buffalo News about County Executive Mark Poloncarz’s agenda for his third term, I was left wondering how much his government-fixes-all progressive policies will cost the people of Erie County.

His attitude about the government as the problem solver is just another name for a nanny state that removes the role of the private citizen and replaces it with a one-size fits-all government bureaucracy that will make the top down decisions regardless of the consequences to the taxpayers of Erie County.

As the largest city in Erie County, Buffalo ranks as one of the top 50 poorest cities in the U.S., with a median income of less than $35,000 a year. Where is the money going to come from to fund this pie-in-the-sky expansion of services that will primarily benefit Buffalo’s citizens? I’m sure the suburban voters who voted for Lynne Dixon in the recent election are also asking the same question.

Buffalo and the rest of Erie County both rely heavily on state monetary assistance and with the New York State government looking at a $6 billion budget deficit it would seem that the progressive agenda that the State Legislature and now Poloncarz are committed to governing by will leave the taxpayers with higher tax bills as well as increased fees, which are another hidden tax hike.

Also, the recent revelation that the state lost 77,000 citizens last year shows that you cannot keep raising taxes on your citizens to solve all of the programs that the progressive Democrats controlling the State Legislature have on their agenda.

Our county government will inevitably grow even larger, requiring even more money to fund it. Looking to the state for more money will become increasingly difficult; you can’t keep running higher deficits without driving more citizens out of the state due to higher taxes without penalty.

Coming with the county executive’s recent endorsement of Elizabeth Warren for president and his admiration for the governing policies of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, the taxpayers of Erie County can look forward to higher tax bills to fund all of the services that will be forthcoming.

Clay Vargas


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