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Letter: Mystery about Dixon’s fate is solved with high-paying job

Mystery about Dixon’s fate is solved with high-paying job

Many of you may have been suffering through sleepless nights wondering if Lynne Dixon was going to land on her feet after losing the county executive race in November. Well, your worries are over.

The Buffalo News reported recently that she has secured a post as Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw’s secretary with a salary of approximately $50,000 annually with a new job title and promotion expected in the next few months increasing the salary to approximately $90,000 annually.

The comptroller was quoted saying, “I don’t know anyone else in Erie County that has her skill set.”

I couldn’t agree more, especially as she often stated during her campaign that she was an independent not concerned with party politics.

The skeptics out there might wonder, was the job posted with the general public? Could it be possible that there just might be someone out there who was remotely more qualified but didn’t have the political connection? After all, who wouldn’t like a $40,000 raise after a few months on the job?

I guess if it doesn’t work out there’s always the Water Authority.

Paul Bojanowski


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