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Letter: Extremism is damaging our political discourse

Many supporters of the left have a doomsday mentality. They feel ordinary citizens are deceived about vital issues and intentionally kept down to benefit the “1 percent.” To them, big business crushes the “little guy.” They believe big money controls government, preventing meaningful regulations protecting helpless individuals.

They believe government must protect us from the rich, and even ourselves. They believe that only their candidates can fashion a society so tightly regulated that no one can possibly fail. Human nature grabs at straws when it perceives no other means of survival.

This tendency also applies to many Trump supporters. To some, Joe Biden is not a moderate, but rather, an arch liberal. Many believe those to his left are blatant socialists. They believe the entitlement culture and big government is strangling America.

They believe that, dating back even before FDR, the media spewed subtle propaganda proclaiming bigger government as the solution to all problems. To them media bias includes things like story selection, headline tone and placement. They feel emphasis on intentionally emotional stories similar to “kitten up tree, rescued by fire department” encourages ever increasing government involvement in everyday life.

They decry a lack of emphasis on personal responsibility. They believe this will ultimately lead to societal collapse. They point to the ballooning deficit and expanding government regulations. They feel betrayed by supposedly fiscally conservative Republicans.

With nowhere else to turn, they support President Trump. They think, even with obvious faults, he is the only hope to stop, and hopefully reverse a snowballing slide to the left and an ultimate apocalypse.

Even if there were a little something to each view, voters must say no to extremes so there can be a serious focus on eliminating unnecessary programs, while protecting the weak and actually controlling the deficit.

Larry Beanan

Town of Tonawanda

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