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Letter: Cuomo’s veto of legislation risks chronically ill patients

Cuomo’s veto of legislation risks chronically ill patients

Dr. Joseph Grisanti, one of the most respected doctors in Western New York, wrote a very clear and simple letter to the editor a couple of months ago: “Cuomo must protect patients with chronic medical status.”

He was asking Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to sign bill S.2849A which prevents insurers from breaking their annual contracts in the midyear.

Last week Cuomo not only vetoed that bill he also vetoed bill S.6531 which was an attempt to rein in PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers) with some necessary and overdue regulation.

Clearly, Big Pharma is out of control and Cuomo does not intend to stop them.

Big Pharma has also just announced drug price increases for approximately 250 drugs effective this year. Just like Cuomo, Congress also does not intend to stop Big Pharma.

If you intend to ponder these facts or in any way try to get your mind around the what and why of these actions I suggest you start with one thought in mind: Follow the money.

I would also recommend that you use the same approach when considering the Democrat presidential candidates’ stand on Big Pharma. Two of the more progressive candidates propose eliminating Big Pharma, and their insatiable greed, from health care. Other less progressive candidates, who are accepting donations from Big Pharma, want to only modify (no surprise) the existing health care laws.

The one fact which is being ignored by everyone: People will inevitably get sick and it’s morally wrong for Big Pharma and Big Insurance to extract hellish profits from people’s unavoidable misfortune.

Phil Parshall


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