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Letter: The president’s many lies have real consequences

A letter writer defended President Trump, saying of his 14,000 lies that he “just doesn’t have command of the facts,” adding that large numbers and international policies are confusing. In other words, he just isn’t good at history and math.

Wrong. Trump lies whenever truth makes him look bad.

He lies about his emergency response in Puerto Rico. Whitefish Power Company (a huge Trump contributor) stole millions of taxpayer dollars. People languished without power. Whitefish’s no-bid contract was cancelled. Trump’s negligent response, coupled with Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s corruption, cost the lives of more than 4,000 Americans. More than $40 billion economic development funds are tied up in red tape. Puerto Ricans are still suffering.

Trump lies about our southern border. People are in overcrowded facilities and being denied basic necessities. Those who are denied entry at the border are being savagely abused.

He lies about health care and drug prices. Since he came to power, millions lost coverage. Drug prices skyrocketed. Drug shortages have been reported. Americans are suffering and dying because of this.

He lies about environmental policies. His industry insiders have been dismantling protections to our air, water and earth. This will cause the premature deaths of tens of thousands, according to scientific estimates.

He took millions from Russian oligarchs and the Saudi Arabian royal family. This led to the betrayal of the Kurds, mistrust in Ukraine, and the loss of American credibility around the world.

His “economic miracle” resulted in an increase in homelessness.

William D. O’Connor

Grand Island

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