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Letter: Politicians must return to doing the people’s business

I am a registered Democrat who is saddened by what has become of the Republican Party. Watching the House debate on impeachment, I was struck by how the Democratic Party looked and sounded so much like America today; women, people of color, fact-based, reluctant, somber in tone, clear in their arguments for impeachment, while Republicans were mostly angry white men shaking their fists in the air, nasty in tone, ascribing evil motivations to their opponents, indulging in denial and misrepresentation of facts, and stooping to name calling; not at all representative of America’s values.

There is no longer a Republican Party, just a Trump Party, and America is the lesser for it. There are many registered Republicans who consider themselves Americans first and who do not feel the current Republican leadership represents who they are; leadership that has sadly signed onto the Trump Party out of fear of the president or their own personal interests, despite the fact that many of them privately hold a much different view of the president than they present in public.

“Politician” has recently become a dirty word in American history, but placing an unqualified person with a history as a failed businessman, without moral compass, into a political leadership role has been far worse for the country. It is time for all real politicians to get back to the peoples’ business of heath care, the environment, income equality, and regain our historically respected world leadership role.

That is the best way for “politician” to once again become a respected profession, unite rather than divide our country, and otherwise avoid the rise of another populist demagogue in the future who might gain popularity exploiting the frustrations, fears and prejudices of Americans who have been too long ignored and left behind.

Joseph Donofrio, Ph.D.


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